Fall Finds

I love the time right before the season changes, especially when it’s changing to fall. Sweaters, boots, dark colors mixed with a pop of bright, and scarves aplenty. Here are a few of my favorites from my Fall Finds.

IMG_2033“Whoo” has the time?


Stepping out

IMG_2031“Owl” I need is navy


One lucky girl

Necklace: Pier 1

Shoes: Gap

Sweater: Gap

Handbags: Coach & Kate Spade: will debut soon!

High 5 for Friday

So I guess I sort of took a hiatus. The beginning of school for me is a whirlwind filled with excitement, frustration, and exhaustion. I am writing this post at 4:30 in the morning because it’s the only time I can carve out for just me. And being awake this early means I get to spend more time with Hubby. He leaves the house everyday before I am usually up.

In honor of my first post back from New School Year Hiatus I thought I would start with my Friday Faves. I picked five things from my last few weeks to share.

I went to Colorado and finished my first Triathlon relay. I was the swim leg because I’m still recuperating from a knee injury. I was so amazed I actually swam without stopping and finished in what I think is a decent time. Hopefully I can devote a post to this trip.

Victory Faces

Victory Faces

On the first day of school I read First Day Jitters. I won’t give away the ending  but it is a must read!! After reading we drank Jitter Juice and ate a Jitter snack to make sure we got the last of our jitters out.

Jitter Juice

Jitter Juice

Hubby could tell I was starting to become stressed so he took me to Yardhouse for a Southern Belle. For some reason I wish I was from the South. Don’t know why. I think I like the way they speak. Anyways, we ordered the most delicious dessert too.

Yummy Goodness

Yummy Goodness

Last weekend my mom, sister-in-law, and I went to a special Mad Hatter tea at one of our local teahouses. It was so much fun. The “real” pictures are on my mom’s camera so this will have to do. I love pink and tea so a pink teacup seemed perfect!

Time for Tea

Time for Tea

This will only make sense to teachers, sorry. Teachers Pay Teachers has been unblocked at work!! Working at a charter school means I rely heavily on resources I find myself. Last year TPT got blocked and we were not amused. But now I can log on and print from work!!!! Oh happy day!

I spend way too much $ here

I spend way too much $ here

Well that’s all for now…

1st Day Back

I just love minions!

Exactly how I looked this morning

First day back to work! Ugh! I have the pleasure of sitting in all day meetings for the week. Starbucks anyone? I just might have to tape my eyelids open. Anyone who knows a teacher knows we love standing in front of our students and sharing our knowledge with them. But we despise being the students and listening to someone else. Put a group of teachers in the same room for longer than an hour and we just tune out. Put us in a room all day and we just might start a rebellion. No joke.

1f65044bc0e9cc1c89ef54408f1d9c93What’s even more awesome about this week is the fact that I get to commute 50 miles each way to my meetings!! Yay! Not. I’m turning the alarm off and calling in fat to work. Haha! If only. I mean, after eight glorious weeks off and no running the last 3 weeks my pants are a ‘lil snug. My principal might buy it. A girl can dream…

August is the month “broke” teacher really comes into play. Remember, teachers don’t get paid 12 months a year like everyone else. This month I bought school supplies for 24 students (I just found out I only have 21), office supplies for my classroom, new teaching materials because we’re transferring to common core this year, classroom decorations, and way more Red Bull than one girl should consume. Oh, and the end of summer snuck up on me so I completely forgot about clothes shopping until yesterday.

Each student gets their own pencil  box this year

Each student gets their own pencil box this year

My new library area

My new library area

After outfitting my classroom I was pretty limited on funds to “outfit” me. By the way, my classroom looks great! Hubby took pity on me though. Living in So Cal means we don’t get cool weather until Octoberish so I usually buy my clothes for fall after they go on sale. But, I do like to buy a few summer sale items that can transition to the fall. Hubby and I went to the mall armed with a leftover Gap gift card, $20 rewards certificate for my fave store New York & Company, and the hopes that Old Navy would have some deals on basics.

First day outfit

First day outfit with new skirt

Old Navy did not have any deals for adults. Apparently their back to school deals are on kids clothes only. Stores really need to start capitalizing on back to school sales for teachers. We need to look good too! I am happy to report I got a cute green skirt with the Gap gift card (on sale for $12), a pretty sleeveless blouse for only $6 after using my $20 reward, and another skirt (full price, it was just too cute) from Old Navy. Not a complete shopping trip, but good enough for now.

My $6 blouse

My $6 blouse

I am counting the days until I start receiving paychecks again! Driving 100 miles a day is going to kill my gas budget!!!!

Happy National Girlfriends Day!

Happy National Girlfriends Day!! I’m not talking about boyfriends giving gifts to their GF’s. I’m talking about celebrating your gal pals past and present. August 1st is the day to appreciate the girls that have gotten you through life. I am so fortunate I have a great group of girls that I can share my adventures with.


My teaching girls: we share a ton of experiences that only teachers understand. We pass our students on to each other, sit through long meetings together, giggle through interesting behaviors our students exhibit, share school supplies when someone runs out, and keep each other optimistic when having a bad day.

My girlfriends I only see a couple times a year: we’ve known each other the longest. We have 20+ years between us and so many more memories. We’ve grown up together and even though we don’t talk everyday, when we do see each other it’s like no time has passed. We share life’s biggest moments and that’s all that matters.

768b919fa22206ad0360afc9e99e9a8eChristina: I know technically we’re cousins but “girlfriend” is more fitting. We text non-stop and you inspired me to start running. We make memories only runners understand and it’s so nice to have you to share it with.


Daina & Christine: I think our trio needs a name. You are the two I can share EVERYTHING with and you’ll understand. When we outlast our hubbys we will be the new Golden Girls. We’ve gone from going out dancing to hosting wine parties. I can only imagine what our next stage will bring us. Dirty diapers?


My mom: You were my very 1st girlfriend. I have shared almost thirty years with you and you know all the stories. I am the woman I am today because of you.

Go call your girlfriends and make a date today or even this weekend. Make new memories or share old ones. If it wasn’t for our gal pals our husbands wouldn’t be able to handle us!!

My 1st Birchbox

I’ve read a lot of great reviews about Birchbox so I thought I would give it a try. If you don’t yet know what it is, let me tell you. It is another subscription box company. They specialize in beauty and hair products. For $10 a month you receive a box filled with 5 samples of the newest and greatest products. They also provide a card that describes each product and how much full size costs. The nice bonus is Birchbox sells the products on their website and they usually attach a nice little discount.

I received my first Birchbox the other day. Mine was the July box that was themed after the show Suits. I don’t watch Suits so I didn’t understand the correlation. No big for me though.

photo 1 What was inside my box:

photo 2

1. Caudalie Divine Legs; this is a lotion that adds a “beachy glow” to your skin. Guess what? I already have a beachy glow, I live on the beach and run daily in the sun. I’m as tan as I need to be. Oh well, I’ll pass it along to a GF that is not as tan skinned as I.

2. Coola Cucumber Moisturizer with SPF 30. Again, I live on the beach and never walk out the door with less than SPF 50 on my face and SPF 70 on my body. I tried it on a day I spent mostly indoors. It smells great and kept me smooth all day. I’m definitely going to research if they make a higher SPF.

3. Number 4 Leave-in Conditioner. I have the thickest, frizziest hair so I am all about conditioner. I haven’t tried it because it was salon day but it is going in my hair after the next wash. I’m excited about this one.

photo 5

4. Purminerals CC Cream. I’ve been dying to try a CC, BB, whatever other alphabet cream they make. I squealed with delight when I read the card and found it was in my box. Until…I saw they gave me “light” shade. Hello, I’m tan/olive skin!!!! This was more of a let down then the tanning lotion.

5. Birchbox Bobby Pins. These cute little pins made up for the rest of the box. They have a little design and will be cute when I want to pull back my bangs.

photo 3photo 4

Liking 2 out of 5 products isn’t too bad, well in my class, it’s a failing grade. But, like in my classroom, I give several chances to redeem yourself. I will give Birchbox a couple more tries and am hopeful I’ll find more products useful then I found in this month’s box.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Do you like it?

My latest Runner Box

I’ve got running on the mind. I haven’t been able to run in two weeks and I am so going stir crazy. Not only can I not run but, I can’t perform any physical activity. I can feel all of my hard work slowly wasting away. Cue dramatic music…

 Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived. -Dean Karnazes

One thing that perked me up a bit was the delivery of my Runner Box. Runner Box is a subscription box that is delivered bi-monthly for about $25. The contents of each box differ each month but may include gels, bars, powders, supplements, snacks, and any new running products on the market. These boxes come filled to the brim!

photo 3-1

I like trying new products because in the store I stick to my staples and rarely venture out of my comfort zone. I am a glutton for Clif Gels, espresso flavor. By having a new box delivered every other month I try new things and have actually found new products I have come to love! Runner Box also includes a ton of organic products which I prefer.

photo 1

My July box did not disappoint. A few of my faves included, ShowerPill athletic body wipe, Run Guard anti-chafing stick, edamame crunch dried snack, a reflective iron-on to put on a jacket, and Nuun water enhancement. I once had the Nuun water during a race and loved it but could never find it in the stores.

photo 2

I can’t wait to lace up my shoes again and hit the pavement. I know when I do I will be well stocked with tons of bars and supplements.

If you’re a runner you should definitely try Runner Box. It’s like Christmas every other month. They also have boxes for triathletes and gift cards. Since everybody is celebrating Christmas in July this would be a perfect gift for the runner in your life.

High Five for Friday

My second to last Friday on vacay has come. The last few days of summer are going way too fast. I had a meeting at work this week and I realized I am not nearly ready enough to start the new school year. I better get my tooshie into gear!! Here’s a recap of another fab week off…

photo 2

1. A “Whale of a Tale:” my new whale coin purse from thirty-one finally arrived. I love it because the zipper is the waterspout! So cute and I can’t wait to start using it.

photo 1

2. Bare Minerals came out with a “conceal & reveal” box set. I received a concealer, brush, and well-rested pen. Everything works great and it’s the perfect addition to my makeup collection.

photo 4

3. I have slacked off on maintaining my nutrition this summer and since I can’t run right now I decided to try a 2 week detox. I had Living Social bucks left over so I ordered RawJuvenate, an organic detox system. My first shake took some getting used to. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

4. I had girls’ night on Wednesday. It was so much fun to lipstick shop and eat a yummy dinner without the husbands around. Sometimes a girl just needs to gab with her friends!

photo 3

5. Play date with my nephew. I stopped for a quick visit with my nephew this week. We had so much fun playing hide and seek and coloring. I have another “date” with him today!!

How was your week? Work or play I hope you had fun. Enjoy the weekend!! Linking up with LaurenElizabeth

The Perfect Shade

I have finally found the perfect lipstick! All who know me know that I don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis. I usually stick to special occasions and even then I’m not the girl who reapplies, once it wears off it stays off. I think because I have never found a shade that I am comfortable in is the reason I shy away. I always look too “done up” and being a first grade teacher I prefer to be “au natural.”

I wear Bare Minerals makeup and usually go to the counter at Macy’s to restock. Well, with makeup counters there is always someone there to try shades on you and give you their opinion on how you look. I usually feel so pressured that I just buy the lipstick I don’t like so I can leave.


This time around, I tried a new approach. Once again I am behind the times and have never been to Ulta Beauty. I enlisted the help of a girlfriend and yesterday we went on a hunt for the perfect shade for me. Upon entering, a sales consultant greeted us and asked what we were looking for. I thought, “uh oh, here comes trouble.” But all she did was point me to the Bare Minerals area and said to let her know if we needed anything else!! Finally, I can try on lipstick my way.

64283-marvelousmoxielipstick-makeyourmove-0My girlfriend and I had fun trying on shade after shade and having girl talk. No pressure, just fun. I chose Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in “make your move.” It’s a neutral pink that goes perfectly with my tan/olive skin tone. It’s not too light, not too dark, but just right. I totally had a Goldilocks moment right now. I also picked their 100% Natural Lipgloss in “7 layercake.” I just love the name!! It matches my lipstick perfectly and gives a little shine without being icky sticky on my lips.


I am now a true fan of Ulta Beauty. I even signed up for their Rewards program, my girlfriend just got a $10 gel manicure because she earned enough points. Now that’s a mani I can afford! Oh, and they have a salon!! My favorite hairstylist of 3 years is moving in a few months and I have no idea what to do so I think I might try Ulta. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it. Have you been to Ulta? Are you as big a fan as I am?

Julep July Box

Subscription boxes seem to be very popular right now. They’re similar to a magazine subscription except each month you receive a box full of goodies! While researching which company I wanted to try I stumbled across an ad for a free box from Julep. Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription box. For $19.99 a month you receive two full sized polishes, a hand/foot product, and sample.

My box!

My box!

What I liked about this company is the style quiz you take prior to signing up. Guess what?!?! My style quiz was way off!  I guess I pick things I like to think I would try or wear but in reality I never do. However, that was okay because I was able to change my “style” to another one with no problem!! I am “Classic with a Twist.” Another bonus: you get to see the colors that come in each monthly box before deciding to accept it, this allows you to change your “style” monthly if needed. You also have the luxury to skip any month you want without paying. I love having that option in case I don’t like the colors. I hate paying for things I don’t like or won’t use.

What came inside! Love the packaging

What came inside! Love the packaging

Well, my first Julep box arrived!!!! I received the July “Classic with a Twist” box, which came with two colors, Helen & Claudette (don’t you just love the names?!), and Mint Condition Pedi Crème. Helen is a color between nude and light lavender/pink. It just so happened to match the dress I was wearing. Claudette is reddish orange, which seems more appropriate for fall, so I’ll try it in a few months. The pedi crème exfoliates and hydrates at the same time, which is pretty neat. As a runner, my feet work hard for me so it’s nice to receive a product that caters solely to my footsies. My crème is on my bedside table and I put it on every night before bed.

Helen & Claudette

Helen & Claudette

Up close & personal

Up close & personal

My creme

My creme

The polish is a little thicker than I’m used to painting with so it took a couple of tries to get it right. It has maximum coverage with fewer coats and is shiny even without a clear top coat. I opted not to paint my toes because I’m battling a knee injury and can’t quite get my knee to bend enough to reach my toes. Oh well! Hopefully I’ll recover soon so I don’t have to go to the salon for a pedi.

Poor toes were neglected this week

Poor toes were neglected this week

I’ve already received my reminder for the August box and I absolutely LOVE the new colors. I can’t wait for it to arrive. If you love polish you have to check out Julep! Here’s a referral code to sign up (21935914)

Finished fingers

Finished fingers